Hookah Smoking : Hookah Shisha Ingredients

The ingredients in hookah shisha are molasses, tobacco, flavored oils and fruit blends. Discover hookah ingredients with tips from a hookah bar owner in this free video on hookah smoking. Expert: Nate Porter Bio: Nate Porter is the owner of The Hookah Bar and Grill in Murray, Utah. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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50 Responses to “Hookah Smoking : Hookah Shisha Ingredients”

  1. Megalocalypse1 Says:

    I don’t believe he’s an expert. He said that there are only 4 chemicals in shisha, but there must be more than that, given off while burning. Many more!

  2. graffitidave88 Says:

    you also have glycerin in shisha just so you guys know :)

  3. SuperAwyeah Says:

    @J2lo0se Simple solution. Smoke weed instead of tobacco. Scientific studies have proven that the THC in marijuana kills cancer cells. Google it.. There’s even a documentary about a man that cured terminal cancer with nothing but prayer and Hash oil. It’s so much better for the mind and body than alcohol or tobacco.

  4. Dsiadam Says:

    what happened to 1:10 ???

  5. halomanalden Says:

    @evanjms8 Correct me if I’m wrong… But isn’t the bi-product (the ingredient created and left by something) of tobacco nicotine when it is burned? I read that when it is burned, vaporized, or anything like that it releases nicotine. Except Hookah has a low 0.05% nicotine level.

  6. evanjms8 Says:

    you realize that tobacco is a sponge plant and naturally has around 400 chemicals the only thing cigarette companies add is nicotine and things to control the burn rate and sometimes of course menthol

  7. Frodothewow1 Says:

    @danmcdonalds y would u do that…it ruins the hookah…

  8. danmcdonalds Says:

    wow everyone knows no one uses hookah for shisha its basically for weed….

  9. Polaf3456 Says:

    @J2lo0se Yeah… firewood smoke is carcinogenic too… its not the actual ingredients of the smoke persay moreso the carbon based stuff in it.

  10. purplemutantas Says:

    @MusicOrCoffee Anecdotaly I haven’t found that to be true. There was a coffee shop here that let you smoke cigarettes inside. Once a week they had a hookah night where they didn’t allow cigarettes inside. People would be smoking hookah outside to smoke a cigarette. If the shisha was able to satisfy their nicotine fix, they wouldn’t go out to have a cigarette. Of course besides the nicotine addiction, there is a habit of smoking. So they may have been satisfying a habit more than an addiction.

  11. silverado669 Says:

    @J2lo0se everyone knows this. no one cares.

  12. ZiggyTrek Says:

    She’s drinking a Corona? Piss water. Yuk.Trendy with the young crowd, but it will clash with good shisha. I recomend a good weizen/weissbier or fruity lambic.

  13. 127miles Says:

    @J2lo0se weed doesnt do that

  14. shareee9 Says:

    @J2lo0se well did u know coke yes the soda can cause cancer did u also know that alot of stuff that you use everyday can cause cancer so hookah is much better then all the other stuff out there and its a fun and social experience

  15. keroulos Says:

    hey Check out this blog, shisha reviews of different flavors, join and request a review for any flavor you want now !! invite all your friends, the blog will get bigger and bigger with your support, all you need to know about flavors and latest tips of Shisha!

  16. koosa619 Says:

    @Ponythewalrus WOW! 80 bucks dude, where i live, i got a 26 inch awesome looking hookah for $34.95. the tobacco cost like $1.50 and the instant-light coals for a bit more than a quarter. Hookah are very overpriced where u live. i could get a really small hookah for like $8

  17. grantland469 Says:

    My friend would go to a hookah bar in AZ where they would spike your bowl if you gave them a like 5 or more dollar tip haha

  18. MusicOrCoffee Says:

    Its true shisha has less nicotine, but youre inhale 100-200 times more smoke, so you end up getting the same amount if not more nicotine.

  19. ckyfanrick Says:

    @TristanCummings then this will do the same. but, it is proven that shisha has 1/10 the nicotine. and they have herbal shisha which has no nicotine at all and its cheap, like 3 bucks for 50 grams

  20. TristanCummings Says:

    @ckyfanrick No it just fucks up your lungs and gives you cancer.

  21. ckyfanrick Says:

    @TristanCummings whats the point of smoking a ciggarette? does it make you feel anything

  22. dugalicious Says:

    It gives you a buzz mind you ive never smoked tobacco out of a hookah but im guessing it does

  23. TristanCummings Says:

    What’s the pint of smoking tobacco? Does it make you feel anything?


    @TheFreakyOMG I Got A Hookah, Coals And Shisha For £13 :P

  25. tinhatx Says:

    There’s herbal shisha, it doesn’t have tobacco.

  26. SwatbotDubstep Says:

    I don’t get why ppl like this stuff. It made me feel like I was going to die. My vision froze and sound repeated like I was computer that froze up. Scariest experience of my life from this shit.

  27. MrDennis170 Says:

    @frustumist contact the company… they won’t send them out just like that… they want some sort of review!

  28. kiddonthamoon Says:

    Is Um Your Favorite Word?

  29. Alishimwaah Says:

    @petrecaretzu if your in the uk, go to hookah shop . com

  30. HolySmokesHookah Says:

    @bongification420 sugar cane. or tea leaves, depending on which one you get. Hydro is sugar cane however

  31. petrecaretzu Says:

    where can i order this hydro herbal ??

  32. jwitz43 Says:

    Hookah poster in the background… Dedication.

  33. jwitz43 Says:

    @bongification420 Hydro and most others are made of sugar cane. Or tea leaves.

  34. rov1212 Says:

    You said “um” a few too many, um, times

  35. bongification420 Says:

    what exactly is herbal shisha? i heard its molasses and flavoring but is it anything more?

  36. tripytiger Says:

    where can i order this?

  37. snowbud22 Says:

    @Dolemizite dude give this guy credit, his site is amazing and its a vendor review, not a shisha review. hes reviewing the brand more or less.

  38. Dolemizite Says:

    waste of my life how about u actually review the sheesha ..faggot…this video in no way shape or form benefits anyone who honestly wants to learn about hydro herbal molasses

  39. XeProduction Says:

    subbed dude :D

    i hope i win the hookah!

  40. buncer00200 Says:

    i just subscribed to you man i better win that hookah lol. i just ordered some spearmint, orange, and coffee hydro shisha, i have high hopes for em’ nice review!

  41. Fellopian22 Says:

    I smoked the wild berry and the “shisha” is more like grass and wood shavings, and is pretty dry, the smell is pretty good, but thats all that i like about it, it burns really easily, i wont be smoking this brand anymore.

  42. frustumist Says:

    where can you get the samples from????

  43. Flip825 Says:


  44. calyx06 Says:

    is this shit get u high?

  45. jonnypotsmoker01 Says:

    hey jake. huge fan.i need u to recomend the best herbal shisha for me.

  46. heflin520 Says:

    i havnt tried it yet but ive seen some vids were they completely dis on it haha ive heard it jus taste like burnt wood…but who would sell a product like that right? but if you could maybe comment me back and let me kno how it taste and all the good stuff id appreciate that thanks

  47. far1ander Says:

    I’ve tried two flavors so far – Pineapple and Spearmint. Both – absolutely great! I’ve tried a variety of herbal shisha before, none comes even close to this. Pineapple is my favorite – very nice flavor, no “grassy” aftertaste as with other herbal shisha. Produces A LOT of smoke – in fact, it seemed as if it gave more smoke than Romman (tobacco based – one of the smokiest tobacco based shisha). I used the Phunnel bowl with it.

    It seems like they use some sort of sea weed for it. Excellent stuff

  48. JackEffenBauer Says:


  49. 97Trendkill Says:

    lydia, but what song!?

  50. vegloo Says:

    i’m really interested in how it smokes too. if the flavor is strong and lasts and how the clouds are! can’t wait for a review. Nice job Jake!